Estelle Rolland

Estelle Rolland

Practitioner in foot and hand reflexology



Certificate in foot reflexology in Chinese energetics at the Ecole de Podo-Réflexologie de Paris (including a module on serious pathologies: cancer and multiple sclerosis, addiction protocol)
Certificate in hand reflexology at the Ecole de Podo-Réflexologie de Paris (specific care for the elderly and attention behavior disorders)

Why I chose this profession?

A primary school teacher for 15 years, I have always been committed to supporting and assisting others. Today, through reflexology, I wish to guide others on the path to better well-being, helping them find harmony. For many years, I have had a keen interest in the wellness field. Indeed, I have personally benefited from sessions in sophrology and acupuncture. But it was during a naturopathy follow-up that I discovered the benefits of foot reflexology. Our feet are often forgotten parts of our anatomy. They bear the weight of our body, give us momentum, and ensure our balance.


Reflexology is an ancient, gentle, natural, and non-invasive method. It helps to release tensions and restore the body's overall balance through skin pressure techniques.
My approach is gentle and profound. I guide you towards physical, energetic, and emotional well-being. I ensure to welcome you in a caring and trustworthy atmosphere. Each session is customized according to your needs.


  • Stress regulation
  • improved sleep
  • reduction of pain, particularly musculoskeletal pain
  • enhancement of various bodily functions
  • Physical, psychological, and emotional harmonization
  • Sports preparation and recovery
  • Improved quality of life for individuals with serious pathologies

This method is suitable for everyone: babies, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women, seniors, athletes.
Reflexology fits into a quality of life at work approach (musculoskeletal disorders MSDs and psychosocial risks PSRs).

Precautions should be taken with certain fragile subjects. Reflexology is contraindicated in cases of circulatory disorders such as thrombosis, phlebitis, or arteriopathies.

The reflexologist does not make any medical diagnoses and does not intervene in any therapeutic decisions.

In accordance with the law, the practice of reflexology cannot under any circumstances be equated with medical care or physiotherapy but is considered a wellness technique through physical relaxation and stress-relieving relaxation. (Law of 30.04.1946, decree 60669 of article l.489 and the decree of 8.10.1996)


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