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April 28, 2024 at 4:30pm


What is a Gong Bath?

A gong bath is much more than a simple musical experience. It's a sound journey that invites you into a deep state of relaxation, encouraging inner peace, well-being, and stress reduction.

How Does it Work?

Settle comfortably on a mat and allow yourself to be enveloped by the deep, resonating sounds of the gong played by our sound therapy expert. The sound waves penetrate every cell in your body, offering emotional, mental, and even physical cleansing.

Why a gong bath?

  • Deep relaxation : The sounds of the gong induce a deep meditative state that facilitates healing and letting go.
  • Stress reduction : Immersion in these sound vibrations helps to release accumulated tensions and achieve a state of serenity.
  • Energetic harmonization : The gong bath balances energy flows, revitalizing your entire being.

Who is the gong bath for?

This experience is open to everyone, with no prerequisites. Whether you are a beginner in meditation or an advanced practitioner, the gong bath offers an accessible path for exploring your inner self.

May 5, 2024

Workshop organized by Louise Robin, facialist.

2 workshops offered : From 10:00 am to 11:00 am or from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at Wellfuz.

Facial Yoga is a revolutionary practice that promises not only to relax but also to strengthen the muscles of your face. Focusing on specific techniques of massage, stretching, and facial exercises, this workshop will teach you how to naturally smooth your skin and slow down the effects of aging.

Why is this workshop a must-attend?

  • Muscle strengthening: Discover how to tone the muscles of your face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and achieve a natural lifting effect.
  • Smoothed skin: The exercises improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin, leaving it visibly smoother and younger.
  • Aging prevention: By adopting these practices, you actively contribute to delaying skin aging, while giving your skin a lasting youthful glow.

Price: €20. Special rate for unlimited subscribers: €15.

With limited places available, we invite you to book yours as soon as possible.

May 10, 2024 at 8:30pm

Workshop organized by Axelle BOREALIS.

Experience the vibration of a painting that transforms in front of you, connected to the collective consciousness.

Let yourself be carried away by symbols and colors in a channeled and transformative pictorial journey.

Price: €45

Website :

June 23, 2024

Workshop organized by Aurélie Guyot, a practitioner in naturopathy and well-being massage, and Valérie Miara, a work psychologist and self-esteem coach.

From 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM at Wellfuz.

This day will consist of a series of workshops to:

  • Reconcile with oneself
  • Relax
  • Regain energy
  • Pamper oneself!

On the agenda for this unique day are 5 workshops, lunch, and well-deserved gourmet breaks!

Workshop #1: Energy Breakfast

Come and discover the ideal breakfast for a punchy day and the pitfalls to avoid. You will prepare your breakfast yourself to enjoy it afterward. Come on an empty stomach.

Workshop #2: Tree of Life

Reconnecting with oneself to regain serenity is what the Tree of Life allows. Through this workshop, reconcile your past, present, and future.

Workshop #3: The Power of Hands

Your hands are magical: they have the power to help reduce your stress level. Discover in this workshop how to release tension in a few minutes by massaging your hands.

Workshop #4: Life Beads

Telling one's life story is not straightforward. But it's so much easier with the life beads that beautifully welcome the significant moments of your life.

Workshop #5: Vitality Breathing

Breathing is life! And yet, most of us do not know how to breathe properly. In this workshop, learn how to breathe better for more energy and vitality during a walk if the weather is nice.

Price: €137 (lunch included).Enjoy a 20% discount on the purchase of 2 places as gift vouchers with the code DUO20.

February 20, 2024

Atelier “CONFIANCE EN SOI” le 20 février 2024 de 9h30 à 12h30

Atelier proposé par Marie FRISONI

Votre enfant est très sensible, il a tendance à perdre confiance en lui, il se sent différent, il lui arrive de se sentir en décalage avec son entourage. Il peut avoir du mal à trouver sa place.

Marie Frisoni vous propose de l’aider à travers cet atelier à visée thérapeutique afin qu’il apprenne à retrouver toute sa confiance, à mieux se connaître en se reliant à son monde intérieur, et à développer ses propres ressources grâce à différentes pratiques :

  • Ateliers philosophiques
  • Dessins exprimés des émotions
  • Respiration
  • Yoga
  • Jeux de rôles
  • Cercles de paroles
  • Danse des émotions

Pour un travail plus en profondeur et durable, Marie Frisoni vous propose d’autres ateliers sur une dizaine de thématiques : Qui-suis-je, l’intuition, dépasser ses peurs, émotions et hypersensibilité, la puissance de la pensée…

Ces ateliers sont proposés par groupes de 3 à 7 enfants. Ce sont des moments ludiques, enchantés, où l'on apprend à "savoir être" pour "savoir faire" et à être soi, tout en s'amusant !

Les bienfaits pour vos enfants :

Ces ateliers ont vocation à contribuer de manière significative au développement de la pensée, de l'esprit intuitif, de l'écoute intérieure chez votre enfant. Ainsi, il apprend à comprendre, à accompagner et à transformer ses émotions. Il apprend à s’aimer tel qu’il est, à prendre conscience de ses talents et de ses qualités, et à retrouver sa joie.


Atelier de 3 heures : 65 € (prix dégressif à partir de trois ateliers)

Nota : les ateliers sont confirmés dès 3 participants

Pour plus de renseignements vous pouvez contacter Marie FRISONI au 06 63 00 40 02

January 28, 2024 starting at 9:30 AM.


Workshop organized by:

  • Marie Lise FOIRATIER: sophrologist and reflexology practitioner
  • Claire KENNEL: reflexology practitioner

Self-massage of the feet and hands is a simple way to maintain vitality and balance. Used daily as a routine, or more often as needed, it helps relieve many everyday ailments, whether physical or emotional.

The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To enjoy oneself,
  • To learn self-massage techniques to practice at any time and place,
  • To learn techniques to administer to your loved ones,
  • Marie Lise and Claire individually take care of the acquired gestures.


  • To optimize the benefits of hand and foot self-stimulation, the workshop will begin with calming breathing techniques, grounding, etc.
  • To optimize the benefits of hand and foot self-stimulation, the workshop will begin with calming breathing techniques, grounding, etc.
  • Acupressure points.
  • To conclude, time will be reserved for questions/answers.


€25 per workshop and €40 for 2 if you come with someone.

Two time slots to choose from: 9:30 AM or 11:30 AM

If you would like more information before registering, please don't hesitate!

Contact Marie Lise Foiratier at 06 74 52 85 80.