Alain Reyal




Graduated in Sophrology

Who am I?

I am Alain Reyal, a sophrologist. In my sophrology practice, I offer sessions for adults, teenagers, children, and businesses.

Sophrology is a technique for deep relaxation that allows those who practice it to gain perspective, demonstrate objective reflection, and thus achieve awareness. Furthermore, with its holistic approach, sophrology considers both the body and mind, viewing the human being as a whole. Simply put, sophrology is the study of serenity and harmony of the brain, implemented through the body. Thus, the sophrologist is the specialist in stress and emotion management.

Sophrology is increasingly appealing to people seeking fulfillment and well-being. Today, it is frequently discussed because its wide range of applications and its benefits are now acknowledged by a growing number of people.

For me, sophrology is also akin to a life philosophy as it allows for continuous self-improvement throughout one's life: it is synonymous with personal development.


Language : french