Fleur Szabo

Shiatsu by Fleur Szabo

Amma Massage is a seated massage aimed at unblocking the accumulation of energy flow in certain parts of the body.
It is a short massage that quickly provides a sense of relaxation and inner well-being.

Assessment Shiatsu is an ultimate body and mind treatment that brings tranquility and serenity. It is an art of well-being that harnesses the power of touch to reconnect us with our own healing abilities. It is based on the general principles of Oriental medicine, particularly the circulation of energy and the 12 main meridians.
Shiatsu involves rhythmic pressure along the meridians, through which energy flows, connecting all organs and functions of the body to rebalance bodily harmony.
A true philosophy of life, Shiatsu helps rebuild the unity between the body and mind. It is suitable for people of all ages.

Session A follow-up session that must be preceded by an initial assessment.

The Chong Mai massage offered here is a combination of Western and Eastern massage techniques (Shiatsu and moxibustion).
It works on a specific meridian called Chong Mai, also known as the extraordinary vessel.
Its function is to rebalance psychic energies.
It readjusts each individual to their own ethics. It is the meridian of moderation of Yin and Yang.