Thérapies psycho-corporelles

Rituals and Holistic Treatments

The LEAA® Method (Liberation of Emotions and Associated Allergies)
The LEAA® method is a natural method that allows for the quick release of emotions and physical reactions (to food, cosmetics, pollen, etc.) and puts an end to allergies.

Cranio Sacral Therapy is the harmonization of the head-spine-sacrum axis, also known as Cranio Sacral Therapy. It is based on the principles of cranial osteopathy and incorporates a structural and physical dimension to the work. The rest of the therapy is more energetic: Isabelle harmonizes vibrations at the cellular, chakra, emotional node, fascia, organ, and meridian levels.

For rapid well-being, chakra balancing combines floral and mineral elixirs, along with essential oils, using a Tibetan energy method (cymbals) to rebalance the body and allow energy to flow correctly.

Kinesiology is a practice that uses muscle testing to identify and adjust the energy flows of the body and mind, promoting better energy circulation. This gentle and non-invasive approach contributes to improving your overall well-being and internal balance, encouraging total harmony between body and mind.

Transgenerational Bonds:
Do you feel:
- Like you're repeating the same patterns in your life, always destined to fail, going in circles (in personal, professional, relational, or romantic aspects), or that you're missing out on your life?
- Like you always attract similar situations or the same type of person, whose relationship inevitably ends the same way?
- Out of place?
- Like you constantly have the same emotions when facing certain people or situations in your life, without understanding why and feeling unable to move past them?
- Emotional or physical pain chronically that nobody understands the cause of?
These difficulties could stem from traumatic events in our own lives, but they could also come from our parents or even further back in our family lineage.

Transgenerational release sessions will enable you to:
- Become aware of your emotions and their origins.
- Identify the root causes of emotional burdens or wounds.
- Consciously list the reasons and connecting threads leading to your current situation.
- Clear emotional pain stemming from incidents that do not belong to you.
- Release bonds of suffering.
Besides freeing yourself from a burdensome past, transgenerational release aims to empower individuals by helping them take ownership of their lives and realize their own potential.

Karmic Bonds:
Do you feel stuck personally, within your family, in love, or professionally?
Have you already tried to work on this situation (blockages, difficulties) using other methods, without noticing any real change?
Do you experience a general sense of unease without really knowing its origin?

What if it's a karmic memory from a past life?

If you aspire to be free from any limitations today and wish to reclaim your personal power, releasing your soul from this memory will help.
With karmic release, knots and blockages are removed. You experience more fluidity and greater serenity.

Massage with vibrations and sounds, primarily from Tibetan bowls and tuning forks. The sound wave resonates with the body's cells, which are primarily made up of water. The instruments are placed directly on various parts of the body or played at a distance. This massage is received while wearing loose-fitting clothing, without zippers or buttons. For women, it's best to wear a bralette without any metal parts.
This treatment is not suitable for individuals with a pacemaker.

Benefits for the client:
Deep relaxation
Stress relief, burnout prevention
Muscle relaxation
Fluid circulation
Harmonization of chakras, the physical body, and subtle bodies.

Available in 1-hour or 1.5-hour sessions.

Foot reflexology is a gentle technique that applies specific pressures on reflex points of the feet. Each point corresponds to different parts and organs of the body, thus stimulating their functioning and promoting bodily balance. This relaxing practice is ideal for reducing stress, improving circulation, or supporting the overall harmony of the body and mind.

Enjoy a 30-minute discovery session or a full 60-minute session (for child or adult).

Discover the soothing method of hand reflexology, focusing on applying targeted pressures on reflex zones of the hands. Like the feet, the hands are a mirror of our body, with each area reflecting different organs and bodily functions. This technique offers deep relaxation, improved circulation, and energy balance, thus contributing to a general sense of well-being and complete relaxation.

Reiki is an energy healing technique that aims to release and reactivate an individual's vital energy.
During a Reiki session, the practitioner places their hands on the patient, who may experience tingling sensations, feelings of cold or warmth. The patient remains fully clothed during the session.

This relaxation massage originated in Korea and was traditionally practiced spontaneously within families to relieve daily tensions. Recently rediscovered by Westerners, this relaxation technique, accessible to all, is received fully clothed, on a futon or thin mattress.

Relaxation is a way to connect with one's inner self through breathwork, awareness, and relaxation of all parts of the body, along with visualization techniques such as Schultz, Jacobson, and Vittoz.

Sound massage with tuning forks, also known as sonopuncture. The tuning forks are placed on the body along meridian lines used in Chinese medicine, on energy or relaxation points. Some tuning forks are resonated near the ears to provide specific auditory information.

Benefits for the client:
Deep relaxation
Stress relief, burnout prevention
Muscle relaxation
Fluid circulation
Harmonization of chakras, the physical body, and subtle bodies.

45 minutes

- Sleep disorders
- Resistance to change,
- Stress, anxiety,
- Burnout,
- Fatigue and lack of vitality.

The chakra meditation offered by Myriam is a specialized form of relaxation that targets blocked chakras through visualization. The goal is to learn to control the energy flowing through the chakras.

Derived from a millennia-old tradition, Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of energy circulation. Stimulating the meridian points has a preventive and curative effect on health and well-being.
Benefits include pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced immune system, digestive health, gynecological issues, addiction support, and more (non-exhaustive list).