Myriam Orlarey

Holistic Massages by Myriam Orlarey

The Chair Massage, derived from seated amma, is an ancient energy- based approach that combines various bodywork techniques similar to reflexology, Shiatsu, and Swedish massage

Relaxing massage of the face and scalp.

Gua Sha is a massage technique that works on the energy and lymphatic circulation to drain toxins, stimulate blood circulation, and energize the face.
Using a Gua Sha stone, such as rose quartz, Myriam gently stimulates the points along the Meridians and energy lines of the body.

A relaxing massage designed for the elderly and individuals with reduced mobility.
Myriam's motto is compassionate listening and adaptability. The person remains clothed in a wheelchair or comfortably seated in one of our chairs.

Repetitive thoughts and negative emotions that manifest in the body can cause blockages, weaknesses, and illnesses in various forms, such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and insomnia.

The Relaxing Massage is performed on the entire body using oils (neutral + essential oils based on individual needs) to allow the practitioner's hands to glide smoothly.
The movements are slow, fluid, and sometimes deeper to release tension. After a brief conversation to understand the real needs and any contraindications, Myriam adapts to each person's preferences.

Discover the art of massage, learn to massage, and know how to massage others through the transmission of knowledge. Myriam offers this knowledge in a one-hour session, guiding you to learn the right techniques, finger pressure, gentle strokes, and fluid movements.

Receiving a massage should be a pleasure for everyone, even if revealing one's body is not always easy.
Every woman is beautiful, and it is important to overcome body insecurities when you are plus-sized to fully appreciate this wonderful moment of relaxation.

Abdominal reflexology is based on the mapping of the abdomen, considering its somatic, psychological, and energetic connections.
The abdomen, our "lower brain," is a mirror of our "upper brain" and is the seat of many organs as well as the accumulation of stress, emotions, and tensions.
Simple maneuvers are performed on the whole body, but particularly on the abdominal and thoracic regions, working on meridians, reflex points, and areas of tension using gliding, pressure, stretching, pumping, vibrations, and kneading techniques.

LaHoChi involves channeling high-frequency universal life energy through specific hand placements on the body.
What makes it unique is that it establishes an energetic protection seal around both the practitioner and the recipient.

This massage is intended for pregnant women between the 4th and 8th month of pregnancy. No massage can be performed during the first 3 months of pregnancy.
During this massage, the entire body is massaged, and the positions are adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for the expectant mother. In addition to relieving minor discomforts, prenatal massage offers a special moment of relaxation in connection with your baby.

Enjoy an hour of relaxing massage combined with childcare.
During the session, your baby/child will be taken care of by a certified childcare provider/early childhood therapist in a neighboring room while you enjoy your massage. This service is available for up to 3 children, and activities will be tailored to their ages (childcare, creative and motor activities, sophrology, emotional discovery, etc.).

A true relaxing journey deep within oneself.
Acting on both the body, mind, and emotions, this massage is performed on a massage table and uses oils and semi-precious stones tailored to your needs.
The stones will help you release what is right for you, based on where you are and what you are ready to let go.
According to the needs, the oils will be infused with one or several stones, allowing a true adaptation and work on both physical and mental or emotional aspects.

Repetitive thoughts and negative emotions that manifest in the body can cause blockages, weaknesses, and illnesses in various forms, such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and insomnia.