Elisabeth Lecleve

Elisabeth Leclève

Traditional Chinese Energetics



Graduate of IEATC, Class of 2011
Causal Auriculotherapy Training with Dr. Nadia Volf
Japanese Faciotherapy Kobido

Why I chose this profession?

Through compassionate listening, I enjoy taking care of the individual as a whole, beyond physical symptoms.



Chinese Energetics


Inherited from a millennia-old tradition, Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the concept of energy circulation.
Stimulating the meridian points has a preventive and curative effect on health and well-being.
Benefits include: pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced immune system, digestive health, gynecology, addiction treatment... and more (non-exhaustive list).

Kobido is an ancient Japanese technique of facial massage.
It rebalances the energy circulation of the face and brings a radiant complexion, rejuvenated skin, and total serenity.


Language : French