Thérapies psycho-corporelles

Children's Care

Because it is often difficult for us, adults, to seek consultation, it is even more challenging for children. And often, we realize that to do it properly, several therapists/therapies would be required, and children dislike that. . But with Angélique, it's simple: she supports your children by combining all her tools/practices.

Cranio Sacral Therapy is the harmonization of the head-spine-sacrum axis, also known as Cranio Sacral Therapy. It is based on the principles of cranial osteopathy and incorporates a structural and physical dimension to the work. The rest of the therapy is more energetic: Isabelle harmonizes vibrations at the cellular, chakra, emotional node, fascia, organ, and meridian levels.

Bach Flower Remedies allow for the restoration of psychological harmony and emotional balance in a gentle and natural way. There are no contraindications, and they can be taken at any age (including pregnant women and babies).

TIPI is an effective, simple, fast, and long-lasting body-based technique. In one to two sessions, it provides tools to defuse any fear or phobic situation. It is a natural technique that everyone can learn to free themselves from emotional difficulties encountered in their daily lives.

This is based on mental techniques that fall into several categories with distinct goals:
- Cognitive techniques.
- Concentration techniques.
- Relaxation techniques.
- Goal-setting techniques.
The aim is to learn these techniques and then use them in daily practice and during competitions.

The RMT (Rhythmic Movement Training®) method allows individuals, regardless of their age, to resume their own development, create stronger connections that may have remained incomplete, and enhance them through sensory stimulation (tactile, proprioceptive, vestibular, visual, and auditory) and rhythmic, repetitive movements.

Sophrology is a mind-body method that aims for self-awareness and balance between emotions, thoughts, and the body. It is perceived as a philosophy of life by those who practice it, and its foundation is the harmony between the body and mind: the belief that any positive action on the body and mind has a favorable impact on the person as a whole.