Caroline Desmazieres

Caroline Desmazures

Pilates and Strength Training



Pilates Studio and Small Equipment Instructor
Certified Professional Coach (PCC)
CQP Karate - Trainer
DEJEPS Karate in progress
FFP Professional Certificate in Sports Coaching: Sports Psychology & Mental Preparation
4th Dan in Karate
Specialized Sophrologist in Sports Sophro-pedagogy
Coordinator of the Coaching & Sports Committee at ICF France

Why I chose this profession?

After a decade of professional life in the corporate world and a life shift, I naturally turned to the world of sports, well-being, and coaching in line with my values. Each mental or sports coaching is a true exploration of the individual's self-realization. I discovered Pilates in 2014, which brought an additional dimension to my practice (national-level Karate competition), my teaching (karate instructor), and my group and individual classes. This method is a way of life that I have the opportunity to teach every day. I am always amazed to see the impact of the sessions on my clients!


Sports sophrology has continued to develop among athletes of all levels, helping them to better understand themselves, optimize their potential, overcome difficulties, and maintain their balance and motivation. As a sophrologist for athletes, I offer exercises in breathing, muscle relaxation, and visualization, establishing positive awareness patterns and disconnecting the mental obstacles such as: Fear of the opponent Pressure Fear of the stakes Loss of confidence... Working on self-confidence will defuse unconscious strategies of failure, allowing your motivation to express its full potential. Sophrology sessions are personalized based on the sport practiced, objectives, difficulties, and needs. Initially, regular sessions are important to achieve results. My role as a sophrologist is to gradually guide you towards complete autonomy in your practice of sophrology and sports preparation. Manage stress Channel emotions Strengthen self-confidence Express full potential Enhance concentration Improve precision Overcome obstacles Develop body knowledge and mastery Achieve quick and effective recovery Restore restful sleep I am also a certified professional coach, assisting in change management: gaining perspective, managing emotions, taking on new roles, team management, primarily using emotional intelligence (values & needs) and the process communication model. Having a strong background in sports as a Karate trainer (4th Dan) and an examiner for grades and federal diplomas, with a competitive background at the national level in Kata (individual and team: Captain) and Combat - French Champion in team combat (Corporate 2011) - French Champion in individual combat (Corporate V1 2013). I coordinate the sports committee within the ICF association. Accompanying athletes makes so much sense connection: Body & Mind = Strength & Serenity!


Langue : classes in French

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