Caroline Desmazieres

Caroline Desmazures

Pilates and Strength Training



Pilates Studio and Small Equipment Instructor
Certified Professional Coach (PCC)
CQP Karate - Trainer
DEJEPS Karate in progress
FFP Professional Certificate in Sports Coaching: Sports Psychology & Mental Preparation
4th Dan in Karate
Specialized Sophrologist in Sports Sophro-pedagogy
Coordinator of the Coaching & Sports Committee at ICF France

Why do I do this job?

After a decade of professional life in the corporate world and a life shift, I naturally turned to the world of sports, well-being, and coaching in line with my values. Each mental or sports coaching is a true exploration of the individual's self-realization. I discovered Pilates in 2014, which brought an additional dimension to my practice (national-level Karate competition), my teaching (karate instructor), and my group and individual classes. This method is a way of life that I have the opportunity to teach every day. I am always amazed to see the impact of the sessions on my clients!


To discuss the benefits of Pilates, I will share an excerpt from one of my students who wrote a book after a life challenge, in which he devotes a chapter to one of my classes: "I saw it as a goal for my fitness, and after a year of practice, I became addicted to this sport. I have strengthened my lower back and deep muscles."


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