Audrey Durigon

Audrey Durigon

Nutritionist / Dietician



The dietician is a health professional expert in food and nutrition.
At the first appointment, after a food survey, I will establish a food program adapted to your needs and lifestyle.

At the follow-ups, I accompany you by giving you personalized advice according to your difficulties encountered.

I follow children and adults.

Why do I do this job?

To help people eat better, avoid health problems, weight problems (overweight and underweight), digestive disorders

Reconcile with food, learn to rebalance your diet while keeping pleasure, respecting your hunger and satiety.

I like to cook, test new recipes and share my knowledge with the public.

A balanced diet is eating a bit of everything, just the right amount and frequency.


Nutrition and dietetic consultations


Nutrition and dietetic consultations


Regain a healthy weight (following smoking cessation), have a balanced diet to improve my blood sugar levels, my cholesterol level, pregnancy monitoring: limit weight gain during pregnancy, improvement of transit, of my relationship to the food.


Balance sheet fees 1 hour : 65 € ; follow-up 45 min : 50 €

Language : french