Angelique Guerbois

Angélique Guerbois

I am a psycho-corporal therapist for adults, pregnant women, children, and teenagers.



I practice holistic psycho-corporal therapies, which means that I accompany you on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels to recreate the mind-body connection.

To achieve this, I take genuine pleasure in regularly training in new techniques to provide you with entirely personalized and diversified support, combining various tools. This way of working allows me to adapt closely to your needs and what you are experiencing at the moment. You can benefit from the comfort of being guided by a single practitioner without worrying about the approach.

Note: For those who prefer that I use a single technique such as sophrology or reiki, for example, simply choose the desired specialty tab. For those preferring comprehensive support, I invite you to select the holistic support tab when making an appointment.

Trainings and tools that I offer during your follow-up:
- Certified RNCP Sophrologist (Specializations in children/teens, maternity, sophro-analysis)
- Master Practitioner in Relaxation (Schultz, Jacobson, Vittoz....)
- Korean Relaxation
- Bach Flower Advisor

- Certified Consultant in Primitive Reflex Integration (RMTi)
- Reiki
- Training in supporting children with ADHD in educational and home settings
- Emotional Shock Release (method derived from EMDR)
- Technique for releasing fears and phobias (method derived from TIPI)
- Chakra rebalancing through sounds, colors, and shapes
- Auxiliary nurse/ advice and support for maternity
- Training in perinatal bereavement

- Well-being and perinatal massages

Why I chose this profession?

As an auxiliary nurse by initial training, I have encountered psycho-emotional issues in children and adults throughout my career, both in a hospital setting and in early childhood. These human encounters have sparked in me a real desire to deepen my knowledge of human functioning in order to best meet their expectations and needs. I became passionate about personal development and diversified in tools and training to be able to accompany each individual in a completely personalized manner, in line with the patient themselves.

My heartfelt mission is to accompany you on the path to a Gentle Way of Living.


Holistic Support


Primitive Reflexes

Well-being Massages


Whether you are going through a difficult life stage (stress, illness, separation, grief...) or simply seeking better well-being, I accompany you with neutrality, active listening, and kindness to find the resources and abilities within you and around you. This will improve your well-being and evolve consciously in a fulfilling and balanced life for yourself and your environment.

Non-exhaustive list of the fields of application in my practice:
- Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression
- Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression
- Lack of confidence, shyness
- Sleep problems
- Coping with illness
- Exam, competition, driving license preparation
- Fear, phobias, panic attacks, anxiety attacks
- Life transition periods: moving, grief, divorce, new job...
- Pregnancy, assisted reproductive technology, perinatal bereavement
- ADHD, concentration problems, learning disabilities


Uncertain about which practice to choose?
Contact me by phone for a brief conversation: +33 6 83 63 07 94

Language : french

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Join Angélique for a group sophrology class every Thursday from 12:15 pm to 1:15 pm.