Karen Money

Energy healing therapist
Psychic Medium


LaHoChi Practitioner
NLP Practitioner

Why I do this job:

A few years ago, after life changing events brought me to a crossroads, I embarked on a journey in pursuit of finding a true meaning to my life and myself. My main focus was finding ways to work through my emotional pain, to develop a greater sense of well-being and to start transforming my way of seeing myself and life in general. Today, I can truly say that I smile at life, and life smiles right back at me. It therefore seems to me only natural to use the knowledge and experience I have gained to help others on their own paths towards greater well-being.

I aim to create an environment based on trust, kindness and compassion in which clients can feel safe to express themselves. A typical session will involve listening, exchanging and sharing along with the use of a variety of personally tested and approved techniques which I feel are the most suitable.

LaHoChi can be received as a stand-alone treatment or along with intuitive guidance and mediumship, and/or other methods from my “toolkit”. I offer highly-personalised appointments where I use a holistic approach to treat clients in all their dimensions: psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Benefits to the client:

In order to be able to live life to the full, it is vital for all our dimensions to be balanced. Balance, or a lack of, affects our well-being not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally. Every so often life conspires to provide us with events which knock us off balance, at which point underlying psychological, physical or emotional issues can come to the surface. Energy healing seeks to balance and harmonise the vital energy which circulates in both the physical body and the energetic body. This treatment works on all our dimensions, clearing any emotional blockages to well-being, such as fears, anxiety, stress, limiting beliefs, negative thinking, calming and soothing our thoughts and emotions and gently guiding us towards a path of personal mastery. It’s a unique opportunity for self-care and/or self-development and self-actualisation, depending on individual desires and needs.

My main technique is LaHoChi. “La” refers to light, love and wisdom, “Ho” to the movement of this energy and “Chi” to our vital life force. Originating in ancient China, LaHoChi is a powerful hands-on energy healing treatment which is administered lying down, while clients remain fully clothed. LaHoChi stems back from the Ascended Master healing energies of Lao Tzu, who was the founder of Tao philosophy. The technique employs a very high frequency of vibration, stimulating and accelerating the body’s capacity to heal. After sessions, clients report feeling more centred and more grounded, with a sensation of appeasement and a greater sense of physical and emotional well-being.

Intuitive guidance enables us to take a step back from what we are going through and shines a light on any possible blockages. It is a particularly invaluable aid to personal development and provides clarification in order to make better sense of the events occurring in our lives. The aim is not to see into our future, but to identify possibilities and orientations which may help to find answers to any questions we may be asking ourselves. I use a variety of tools as well as tarot and oracle cards, chosen specifically for each individual person and I then call upon my intuition to provide guidance.

The word “medium” signifies “middle and intermediary”. Advanced extra-sensory perception allows for communication with “spirit” and “invisible entities”. The medium is simply a messenger. Gifted with hypersensitivity and highly developed empathy, we feel the energy, emotions, pain and suffering of other beings. We receive images of scenes and places, we hear words and we feel and see the presence of spirit.

Intuitive guidance and mediumship may be combined with a session of LaHoChi. This allows time for a more in-depth exchange, which in turn can provide more insight and reinforce the physical energy work carried out during the session. Results can be felt as of the very first session. The number of sessions required will vary according to individual needs and the issues being addressed. This combination is particularly beneficial for people wishing to embark on a journey of personal development to find inner balance and well-being, as well as those who wish to explore a spiritual dimension. Sessions can take place either face-to-face or remotely.

Energy healing should in no way replace traditional medical treatment but it can however optimize the capacity of the body to heal in certain circumstances and in the case of serious and life threatening illnesses can help alleviate suffering and pain.

Languages: English, French, Spanish, Romanian

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  • LaHoChi 1h

  • LaHoChi + Intuitive & psychic mediumship 1h30

If you would like a longer session, you can choose between 2, 2.5 or 3 hours - please contact Karen directly for more information on 066120950.