Valérie George Batier

Thai Foot Reflexology


Trained at the AZENDAY school, I perform Thai foot reflexology (WAKO school protocol in Thailand), palmar and cranial reflexology and Californian massage.

Why I do this job:

After training in Sonophoresis (work using sound and vibrations with tuning forks) I worked on bodies and in particular feet, and my desire for sharing and listening brought me quite naturally to foot reflexology then palm and cranial reflexology as well as the Californian massage.

Benefits for clients:

Foot reflexology:
- One hour sessions
- Work on the foot and the whole leg
- Boosts the blood, lymphatic and energy system
- Reduces fatigue and muscle tension
- Relaxing and de-stressing
- Promotes sleep

Particularly recommended for people suffering from heavy legs, lymphatic and circulatory problems.

Unadvised in the following cases:
- Pregnant women
- Serious pathologies (cancer, heart problems)
- Fractures
- Phlebitis
- Fever
- Inflammatory states (Lumbago, sciatica…)


Palmar and cranial reflexology:
- Half hour sessions
- Deep relaxation
Particularly recommended for the elderly.
Touch is fundamental for physical, psychological and emotional balance.

No un advised cased for cranial reflexology
For palmar reflexology, same unadvised cases as foot reflexology


Californian massage:
Full body massage
- Enveloping, relaxing and de-stressing
- Opening of the senses.
- Soothing, great relaxation

- Sessions of one hour and a half

Unadvised in the following cases:
- Pregnant women
- Phlebitis
- Inflammatory states (lumbago, sciatica)
- Fractures
- Serious pathologies (cancer, heart problems)

Language: French

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