Muriel Loesch

Dynamic neurofeedback practitioner


NeurOptimal® Advanced Neurofeedback Trainer Certification by Zengar Institute
Graduate of a Grande Ecole of Engineering
Coaching training by Lynne Burney Master Coach and co-founder of the SFC
MBTI® level II personality profile certification
Experience in coaching High Potential children

Why I do this job:

I do this job because I enjoy it. I like both accompanying people to improve their well-being and innovative techniques. I have chosen dynamic neurofeedback which is a unique method based on neuroscience but also gentle, effortless and with amazing effects by self-regulation of the brain and the central nervous system, which brings benefits to the person as a whole.

I also like the relaxed and attentive dialogue that gives well-being in human relations. I use this in my work with children, adolescents and adults.

Benefits for clients:

The brain is a complex organ that benefits from tailor-made training with dynamic neurofeedback. This method helps the brain to reorganise and optimise its own functioning in a gentle way, using the principle of neuroplasticity. As it is effortless, it is suitable for everyone, at any age.

The benefits observed are multiple, depending on the brain of each person. For example: fewer nervous or neurological difficulties, sleep, calm, clarity of mind, performance, resilience, attention, concentration, learning, but also better relationships, drive, self-confidence and self-esteem, creativity...


The session is a moment of relaxation: just listen to music or watch a video, as you wish. It is even possible to doze off. It is in this relaxed state that the brain is best trained and reorganised.

Sensors record the brain's electrical activity 256 times per second. When this activity changes abruptly, the system stops the soundtrack of the music or video. This is the feedback loop to the brain, i.e. feedback so that it knows what it has just done, hence the name "neurofeedback". Instantly perceived by the brain, this stopping of the sound makes it react and it decides itself how it arranges its neuronal connections for more natural and efficient functioning. The sound resumes, until the next stop... each time the sound stops, the brain trains itself.

Sessions of 1 hour - 60€.

To make an appointment: 06 84 21 13 11

Languages: French, English

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