Fleur Szabo

Shiatsu Practitioner


Graduate of the 5 Seasons School (Michele Havage)
Course 8 Merveilleux Vaisseaux
Chong Mai course (Hervé Péchot)
Chair Shiatsu graduate (Valérie Gauthier)

Why I do this job:

Inspired by different techniques in the fields of body and energy, I practice with passion this ancestral art. I strive to establish relationships between people based on harmonious cooperation and respect for oneself and others.

Benefits for clients:

- Stress relief
- Relaxation
- Inner well-being
- Unwind, release muscular tension
Amma is part of a global approach to improving the quality of life at work (musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial risks).

Language: French

Call me to make an appointment at 06 22 19 71 80.

Several types of treatment are available with Fleur, information below by clicking on the tab of your choice.