Tara Blackaby

Fitness teacher

Qualifications and continuing professional development courses:

Active IQ Niveau 3 Diplôme d'instructeur de Pilates Matwork
Fitness Pilates
Le cours avancé de Fitness Pilates pour les conditions orthopédiques
Atelier Pilates pour le client hypermobile
Fitness Pilates pour les soins du dos
Fitness Pilates pour les personnes âgées
Certificat Active IQ de niveau 3 en entraînement personnel
Certificat de niveau 2 Ofqual pour l'enseignement du fitness
Moniteur de cyclisme en groupe YMCA niveau 2
Bootcamp Fitness Instructor
Kettlebells et Pump FX

Why I do this job:

I have been teaching Fitness in the UK and practicing Pilates and Fitness Pilates in my local community for over 10 years. My passion is to make classes accessible to all, in a supportive environment encouraging students to improve their everyday functional movement, strength and mobility, and boosting their confidence in an enjoyable way.
Through teaching I have met some amazing people who I credit for making my classes so friendly and lots of fun.
I really enjoy Pilates, weight training, cycling.

Benefits for clients:

Fitness Pilates/Pilates:
Fitness Pilates is a group exercise class using the original teachings, principles and exercises of Joseph Pilates, delivered in a modern and functional group exercise session.
Fitness Pilates addresses basic postural imbalances, improves back and core strength, enhances mobility and flexibility. It is taught to music in a group exercise format and includes Warm Up, Mobility, Active & Passive Flexibility, Standing & Functional Exercises, Mat work, Stretch & Relaxation.

Fitness Body Blast:
A great motivational, enjoyable full body workout to sculpt and tone.

Language : English

Weekly classes offered at Wellfuz:

  • Monday 18.30-19.30 : Fitness Pilates

  • Wednesday 9.15-10.15 : Fitness Body Blast

  • Thursday 10.30-11.30 : Fitness Pilates