Mairi Duke

Sports Coach, Fitness Instructor

Qualifications :

Level 3 Personal Trainer & Exercise Instructor (UK)

Why I do this job:

I love how I feel after a workout and I want to share that with others. The Body Balance class I teach at Wellfuz is a form of yoga, with elements of Pilates and Tai Chi with music and choreography.

We use controlled breathing and elements of stretching, postures and exercises to bring the body into a state of harmony and balance while offering in-depth bodywork.

Benefits to clients:

This class is perfect for those who enjoy the flow of yoga, as well as those who wish to work their muscles in depth and promote a full body workout. The class aims to increase muscle strength and tone, and improve overall suppleness and joint mobility.

An equally important benefit is to reduce stress and improve mental and emotional well-being. With muscle strengthening, suppleness and a calm mind, balance is restored.

Language : English

Weekly classes offered at Wellfuz:

  • Monday 9.15-10.15am: Body Balance (in English)